What Is Grit And Why It Will Take You To The Top

Grit is defined as perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Research has found that as a trait, grit is one of the top predictors of success. Grit is also one of the leading traits in developing a never give up attitude.

Most people give up way too quickly and far too often. They don’t realize that there are no shortcuts to excellence and that figuring out complicated problems take time. There are many traits that will ultimately contribute to success or failure. One of those traits is grit.

What is grit?

Grit is an unwillingness to quit. It’s pushing yourself to the absolute limits knowing that you have a much greater goal to achieve. Grit is what separates the greats from the legends. It’s the two extra hours put in at the free throw line after everyone has already left the court. Grit is blocking out all distractions to focus on finishing this post because I believe the overall goal for Laugh At Adversity is much bigger than the instant gratification of watching TV. It’s what got me from being nearly bed-ridden to where I am today.

Grit isn’t something you’re just born with, it’s developed over time. For some, they learn how to be gritty as a survival mechanism during childhood. For others, grit is something learned later in life. Either way, I see grit as an ability to not only prevail, but to thrive through any situation or challenge you face. Grit is a trait that is nurtured from within by the burning desire to be great, to achieve your vision, to conquer your goals.

A perfect example of grit is Tom Brady. A lanky 6th round pick out of Michigan who never played a sustained amount of snaps in his NFL career and then comes in for an injured Drew Bledsoe to lead his team to 5 Super Bowl titles, regardless of being the underdog or the favorite. Brady’s grit doesn’t stop there. Even though he is in the conversation for being the greatest of all time, married to the world’s richest supermodel and approaching 40 (which is ancient in quarterback years), he’s still just as driven now as ever before.

Because Brady still wants to play at a high level, he’s altered his entire lifestyle to his TB12 method, dedicating his time to nurturing his body so that he can still play the game he loves. So after all of Brady’s success, what still drives him? “The next one.” Brady isn’t focused on the championship he just won or any of his rings from a decade ago, he’s driven by the next opportunity, the next game, the next championship.

Brady isn’t alone, there are many other examples of grit too.

Why do you need Grit?

Grit will help you get through your challenges. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, struggling to keep a healthy diet, or trying to reach your next career goals – grit is how you will get there. It will help you reach the finish line.

When you hear about success stories, you only see the final product. You don’t see all the years of blood, sweat and tears. For the NFL quarterback, you don’t see the extra throws made after hours, the late nights spent in the film room, the early mornings in the weight room; you only see game day. For the movie star, you don’t see all the rejected audition tapes, the awkward home videos, the hours spent rehearsing lines in front of a mirror; you only see the Hollywood star on TV.

For every success story, I guarantee at one point in their life they questioned whether they should keep pursuing their dreams. Grit is what kept them going.

Grit is understanding that the pain and suffering you will endure now is just part of the journey to long term gains and reaching your goals. You’re willing to sacrifice what others won’t to gain what others can’t. It’s not because they’re not smart enough or talented enough, it’s because you’re willing to outwork them. You’re willing to put in whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

Grit is part of every success story. Make it part of yours.