Why You Should Stop Searching For Happiness And Start Creating It

We’re all searching for happiness. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this post if you already possessed the secret to finding happiness. The truth is: we’re all on this constant search for happiness. Yet it’s peculiar that something so many of us crave is also so difficult to obtain.

We look for happiness in all kinds of places: a nice home, a successful job, the perfect partner or weight. But even when we obtain all of those things, happiness still somehow eludes us. So why is it that so many of us chase happiness, yet only a select few truly discover it?

It’s because while we’re all so busy trying to discover happiness through achievements and pleasures, we miss the fact that happiness is created from the inside out. We spend so much time convincing ourselves that we will be happy once we get that promotion, a new car, a bigger home. Yet once we obtain these things, our happiness is short lived. It’s temporary.



Happiness isn’t something you can obtain through tangible items. Happiness comes from within. Instead of relying on obtaining items, achievements or pleasures to create your own happiness, start focusing on being happy with yourself first.

Once you can find happiness from within, you can use happiness to help you achieve your goals, instead of using your goals to help achieve your happiness.

The best part about finding happiness, is once you do find it, you have superpowers. The effects of happiness are incredible! Being happy broadens your focus, expands your thinking, improves your ability to problem solve and even protects your health.

Happiness strengthens your immune system, combats stress and allows you to live a longer life. People who are genuinely happy are also less likely to suffer from chronic pain and other long term diseases.

What makes happiness even better is that it’s contagious. People will enjoy their time with you, they will want to be around you more and in the end you will even make them happier. 


happy people


Happier people are also able to deal with hardships better. When your source of happiness comes from within, you’re able to handle adversity and move on more easily than most.

And if the benefits already mentioned aren’t enough, happiness will can help you achieve the goals you’ve already been chasing:

  • Have better relationships
  • Make more money
  • Do better at your job (Your co-workers will like you more too!)
  • Live a healthier life