The Power Of Perspective: Why Your View Matters

What do you see?

The Power Of Perspective: Why Your View Matters


At first glance, perhaps a man struggling to keep a boulder from rolling down a steep incline and crushing him. He’s giving everything he has to keep the weight of the boulder from overpowering his strength and taking his life.

But how did this man get in this position in the first place? And why does he feel so responsible for the boulder. He could just move out of the way and let it roll down the hill, right?

We have no idea what is at the bottom of the hill. Perhaps he is protecting something that he loves from the devastating effects of the boulder. He could be trying to protect his family, friends, or even his ego from being crushed.

But what if we were to take a step back? What if we had the ability to look at the picture differently.

Maybe it would tell us a different story.


Same picture. Different angle.

The Power Of Perspective: Why Your View Matters

Now what do you see?

This time it appears he is moving the boulder out of his way. It looks like he is making a choice to push the boulder up hill and he doesn’t seem to be struggling as much either.

That boulder is a symbol of life’s challenges. You can either choose to let them hold you down, and in some cases crush you, or you can choose to do something about them.

Ultimately, there is only one thing you can control in life. Regardless of your circumstance or situation, it is the one thing that no one in the world can change or alter in any way.

Your perspective.

Many people believe that they are bound and shackled by the way they perceive and comprehend the world around them. Because of this false perception, they fall victims to the adversity they face.

For every struggle in life a decision needs to be made. You can decide to hold onto those challenges, allowing them to consume you and overtime destroy you. Or you can view those challenges as an opportunity to struggle, to learn and to grow.

The ability to overcome adversity is solely dependent on your perspective. Believing that your challenges will be the end of you, will in fact lead to the end of your happiness. Alternatively, believing that you will find a way over the hurdles you face, will allow you to do so.

Once you accept that your perspective is controlled by you, then you are able to decide to what degree you will struggle or accept the challenges of life. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

You can either let your challenges destroy you or strengthen you – it’s all in how you want to see it.

It’s your life. It’s your perspective.