The Do’s and Don’ts of Overcoming Adversity

Everyone faces adversity at some point in their life, but most of us aren’t prepared to handle it. Nearly all self-made success stories have had to endure pain and suffering in order to achieve their dreams. We all face different challenges on our journey. Some problems are temporary and we’re able to return to a sense of normalcy, whereas others are more permanent and require us to alter our way of living.

It’s important to realize that each of us are different. Even our challenges and perspectives differ from one another. Yet regardless of our differences, we often share the same belief that our biggest problem is that we shouldn’t have them. We fail to realize that problems are what make us grow. But once you realize that life is happening for you and not to you, all of the pain and suffering disappears.

So how do we get to the other side of our problems? There is no secret pill or formula that will help you overcome adversity, but there are steps you can take to do so. Here are a few “do’s” and “don’ts” you can follow to conquer your challenges.




1. Do have the right mindset

You’ll notice a trend in these articles: change starts with the mind. Overcoming adversity is no different; it begins with the right mindset (a positive one). Your thoughts are powerful. And a change in your beliefs about challenges is required in order to get past adversity.

It’s not about what happened to you, but how you respond to it that is most important. Adversity is meant to force you to grow, not derail you. Therefore a positive mindset is essential in overcoming any obstacle.


2. Do believe

Having faith that you will overcome your situation is imperative when handling adversity. Believing in yourself throughout a crisis is equally important. To have faith is to convince yourself to embrace change. Adversity can cause us to be fearful, but fear is a limiting belief.

Fear limits you from overcoming your obstacles, while faith provides you with the energy and desire to overcome adversity. Faith and fear cannot coexist, which is why you need to drop your fears and have faith that it will get better.

3. Do create a plan

Create a plan for yourself. Design a plan that is suited for you to overcome your challenges. Write down what you believe is needed to heal yourself. Use daily visualization techniques to allow yourself to see the life you want.

Try meditation and mindfulness practices to bring yourself both awareness and calmness in times of distress. Feel free to mix and match techniques that work best for you and revise your plan frequently. Following your plan on a daily basis will hep the most.

create a plan

A hand written plan produces the best results.




1. Don’t make excuses

Don’t make excuses for yourself. Excuses are just lies that we comfort ourselves with when we’re too afraid of the future. Excuses will limit you. Remember that the thoughts you fill your mind with, will become your future.

If you don’t achieve your dreams, it’s because you allowed yourself to become confined by your excuses. Once you have the courage to conquer your excuses, then you can overcome any challenges.

face your fears


2. Don’t blame

Don’t blame others for the struggles that you’re facing. Blaming others will not change the situation. It’s common to blame others because of past childhood experiences that we’re holding on to, whether they are good or bad.

We also blame ourselves because we believe if we just did one thing differently we wouldn’t be in our current situation. Blaming yourself or others for your current situation will get you nowhere fast. You have to own your situation and accept it, whether it is good or bad, in order to overcome it.


3. Don’t live in the past

Living in the past has similar side effects as blaming and making excuses for your problems. What has happened, has happened and there is no changing it. Try learning from the past, accepting it and forgiving if you can. Once you’re no longer focused on the past, you can live in the present and you’ll be in a much better state to overcome your challenges.


4.Don’t stop

Do you want the ugly truth? Here it is: you will face setbacks. It’s important to realize that a setback is not a stoppage, it’s simply a check-in of the progress you’ve already made. And facing a setback should not stop you from pushing forward.

It’s important to have a mindset where you never stop trying and don’t take “no” for an answer. Life is full of trials which can serve as the greatest teaching tools life has to offer. How you choose to respond to those difficulties will determine whether you reach your dreams or not.


keep going

Don’t stop, for anything!


In short, overcoming your challenges begins with your mindset. Having patience and willpower are equally as important during your journey since you will be face setbacks. How you handle the trials of life will ultimately determine your character.

You will become stronger after each and every setback. Let these challenges serve as lessons and feed your personal growth. Because the path of overcoming adversity will provide you with a glimpse of your fullest potential.