How To Run Through Your Challenges with Tofe Evans

Tofe’s story is an interesting one. After facing multiple set backs in 2014, Tofe was facing severe depression and resorting to self infliction, hard drugs and alcohol, and prescription medication as coping mechanisms for his pain.

Somehow Tofe was able to find an escape route and turned to running as his new addiction. Now known as an endurance athlete and resilience thought leader, he’s managed to change his life through endurance events and gratitude.

Although endurance events and gratitude have saved his life, Tofe has found greater purpose than himself: to help raise money for charities and increase the awareness around mental health.

Some of Tofe’s crazy accomplishments are:

  • Ran 40 endurance events in 1 year to raise awareness and money for cancer research
  • 60km Ultramarathon on Mt Everest for Cystic Fibrosis
  • 100km run for Blind + Amputee
  • 12hr & 24hr Treadmill Challenges (Yes, that says 24 hr!)
  • 100km War Trail for Youth Military – PTSD
  • And much much more


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The reason why no one wants to talk about mental health (9:50)
  • Why we’re social creatures and built for connection and story (11:00)
  • Why it’s so common to find people in the running community who are running from their demons (13:00)
  • Tofe’s light bulb moment during a 24 hour treadmill challenge (16:00)
  • Why adversity is a blessing in disguise (17:46)
  • Why it’s impossible for the last domino to be hit by the first one (28:55)
  • How Tofe has been able to make fear his best friend (48:00)
  • Tofe’s scariest moment of his endurance career (52:12)
  • Why we need to be more vulnerable (1:06:20)

How To Get In Touch With Tofe:

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