Creating Space And Building Emotional Resilience with Cyndi Roberts

A misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder and countless addictions pushed Cyndi’s health to the limit in 2008. Overweight, overwhelmed, pre-diabetic, suicidally depressed, fearful, hopeless and discovering that she had 6 months to live before reaching liver failure, Cyndi decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.


Through mindfulness, movement, and meditation. Nearly 7 years later, Cyndi has completely transformed her life through the tools she now teaches others. Having lost 80 pounds and now living without medication, she is no longer pre-diabetic or facing liver failure, and has successfully transitioned from victim to victor mode.

At her private West Hartford, CT Yoga Studio, you’ll find one-on-one therapeutic, gentle, restorative and prenatal yoga sessions as well as reiki, meditation, physical therapy, myofascial release, and much much more.

Cyndi is so passionate about teaching others how to create more space, healing, and love in their lives and relationships through the use mindfulness, yoga (and other movement) and meditation.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The important questions that no one ever asked her (5:08)
  • How spending 12 years on long term prescriptions impacted her mental and physical health (9:02)
  • How she was able to restore her quality of life (12:50)
  • Why committing to small daily practices changed her life (17:25)
  • Why she hated meditation (19:30)
  • Simple meditation tips for beginners  (21:08)
  • Why we need to befriend our anxiety instead of pushing it away (26:38)
  • Why the pursuit of happiness system is broken (30:30)
  • How improving emotional resilience has impacted her life and helped her bounce back quicker (33:20)
  • Why loving ourselves more allows us to love others more too (37:18)
  • Why adversity is an opportunity to rise up and take our power back (44:51)

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